Lacking Motivation? 

Tips on re gaining motivation! 

It happens to all of us! Every few months for me I reach a period of a lack of motivation whether it comes to training, work, it can be different things. 

We are only human right?! 

The one pattern I noticed when I am lacking motivation is that I am lacking a goal and a purpose. 

Fitness and Training is a huge part of my life and why you are on my page right now so let’s use this as an example. 


Here are my 3 simple tips to re gaining your mojo to get back into what you love! 

REFLECT: Take time out and look inwards and ask yourself why have you lost motivation?

What was there when you were motivated that you are now lacking? 

It can be as simple as you have reached your goal and now what? 

You are bored and have gotten comfortable, there could be 1000 reasons that only YOU know the answer to. 


PLAN: Now that you have uncovered what doesn’t excite you anymore, you need a plan of attack on what are you going to do now to get your butt moving again and excited about achieving what you have set out to achieve. 

What’s your new goal? 

How are you going to achieve it? It could be as simple as trying something totally new 

Set a time line? Not to be harsh on your self but to keep yourself accountable and driven towards something? 

Make it a challenge!! 

 ACTION: Take Action! You know what they say “ There Is no time like the present” 

You know what you want, you know how you are going to get there so take action and do it right away. Us humans have a tendency to wait and “do it later” strike while it is there fresh in your mind. 

Hire that coach, Book that class, go for that run! Whatever it is TAKE ACTION! 

Check in with yourself regularly! Motivation doesn’t last forever, discipline is the key! But its important to still be excited about what you are doing! 


Remember those days where you can’t be F*cked remember why you started


Caty xxx