Let’s face it, most of us girls just want that squat booty we see on instagram and there is a lot of information out there “ 30 day squat challenges” “ Booty band exercises” the list goes on. 


Im going to share with you how I personally have grown my glutes and my top tips to help you! 


First things first. 

Once a week won’t cut it, I have found training my lower body 2/3 times a week is the key! Making sure there is variety with exercises, rep ranges and weight to hit those glutes from all of the angles. 


Below I will share with you my 4 favourites that I have used.


Glute Bridges: 

Similar to a hip thrust movement but you will have less quad activation which means more glutes and hamstring work! A glute bridge is performed laying flat on your back. 

Keep your core tight, push through your heels and focus on squeezing the glutes at the top ( avoid arching your back) so that you can get the full benefit through the glutes.  

Sumo Deadlifts: 

These work more than just your booty! 

Sumo deadlifts target and emphasize your gluteus maximus, primarily ( Yes girls the biggest muscle in our booty)

They are also awesome for your posterior muscles which include your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and lower back! 

Keep your stance wide with your toes out, arms will go in the middle of the bar, again pushing through your heels and squeezing your glutes as you stand up tall!


Bulgarian Split Squats:

A great finisher! I think everyone who does these have a love/hate relationship, similar to a lunge movement but with the back leg elevated. To add weight you can use a barbell, dumbbells or if you are a newbie to these I suggest using the smith machine. 

Begin in a split stance position, with your right leg forward (the ‘working leg’) and your left foot elevated up on a bench behind you. 

At the bottom of the movement push through your front heel, focus on the glutes. 


KettleBell Sumo Squats:

Regular squats are also a fav for building the lower body but when we want to work those smaller muscles that help shape and tighten they need a special touch. That's where sumo squats come in.

You will need to play around with foot position but a wide stance adds the unique challenge to your adductors, strengthening the hard-to-hit inner thigh muscles. 

Tip: Keep Hips tilted forward for the whole movement to keep glutes engaged. 


Remember booty’s come in all different shapes and genetics do play a role but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shape and grow them!


By progressively overloading your butt muscles through specific exercises that will hit the maximus, medius and minimus. Building up your glute muscles goes hand in hand with leg training so you will also notice your thighs and hamstrings becoming leaner and slim while maintaining tone! 


Lets work!


Caty xx